Who am I?

I was once a brat in Jr. High that convinced herself that she knew everything she needed to know to win at life. I was once a crazy little party girl that had only two loves, volleyball and the weekends. I was once a bikini-crazed, sun-chasing, local boy-loving wahine running around the Island of Oahu. I was once a slaved princess working ungodly hours and playing tourist on my days off at the Most Magical Place On Earth. I found God and myself whilst chasing around kindergarteners and trying not to lose my cool to hormonal middle schoolers. Now all back where it started in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, Southern California.

Food is my current boyfriend. Bikinis are my children. The gym is my release. I am a lover of love and a dreamer of dreams. I believe in love at first sight, soul mates and second chances. I have an uncanny ability of somehow living life as if it were a modern day RomCom with too many scenes that should only be seen in the DVD uncut version.

Through it all, I can’t deny I love every single second of my life and my experiences. What is a better way to share then my own little personal sanctuary… Maddly In Love.


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