Diary #1: New York City

January 8, 2015 I have fallen hard. The feeling of fulfillment and warmth is present even with the 11 degree weather. The sights are awestrucking. The smells are mouthwatering and terrible. The sounds bring me comfort because I know I’m not alone. I have fallen hard. I’m passionate and obsessive over this concrete jungle. I want nothing more than to completely immerse myself until I … Continue reading Diary #1: New York City

Some Guy Hit Me In The Face and That Wasn’t Even The Worst Part

The weekend brings people together from all walks of life to cast away the week blues and spend hard earned cash on copious amounts of alcohol. This weekend was no exception. A night out at the bars is pretty routine. Pregame and go to a various amount of bars. Easy enough. Once last call is called it is a quick stop at the donut shop … Continue reading Some Guy Hit Me In The Face and That Wasn’t Even The Worst Part

Junior High Lovin’

Junior high is an awkward and life-changing time that every preteen gets to experience.You experience emotions that your little sheltered elementary brain couldn’t even fathom. I was fortunate enough to experience this time in my life before technology set in and raised the standard for hurtful girls and sexually frustrated boys (and vice versa). I like to think that Junior High is still that “innocent” … Continue reading Junior High Lovin’