Getting Lost in Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve always loved Grey’s Anatomy since episode one. My heart broke when Yang left last season but the first couple episodes still stayed true to Grey’s fashion. With my old roommates we would all be bundled up in bed watching Grey’s on our own computers than freak out together once something happened! These were a few quotes I pulled from the recent Grey’s episode! These … Continue reading Getting Lost in Grey’s Anatomy

This Man Will Give You Chills In 50 Words Or Less

The love I have for Robert M. Drake is out of this world. Drake is an author and poet. I found him one night scouring Instagram, once I found him it was game over. No sleep was to be had that night. I scrolled through pictures of little excerpts taken from books and other longer poems he wrote. He inspired me to start this little … Continue reading This Man Will Give You Chills In 50 Words Or Less

RIP Robin Williams

RIP ROBIN WILLIAMS July 21, 1951-August 11, 2014 The news of Robin Williams passing was a shock to me, as it was to everyone else. I immediately went online and scoured and read every single thing I could about his death. When I found out it was suicide then shock turned to absolute heartbreak. Someone that brought so much happiness and laughter to so many … Continue reading RIP Robin Williams