Junior High Lovin’

Junior high is an awkward and life-changing time that every preteen gets to experience.You experience emotions that your little sheltered elementary brain couldn’t even fathom. I was fortunate enough to experience this time in my life before technology set in and raised the standard for hurtful girls and sexually frustrated boys (and vice versa). I like to think that Junior High is still that “innocent” … Continue reading Junior High Lovin’

The Big Farewell To The Disney College Program

It has been approximately 16 days since I booked a ticket to New York on a whim and rushed out of the place I called home for the past five months. This home was the most magical place on earth, WALT DISNEY WORLD. After I left, I never looked back. Mainly because I didn’t want to face that fact that the dream was over and … Continue reading The Big Farewell To The Disney College Program

RIP Robin Williams

RIP ROBIN WILLIAMS July 21, 1951-August 11, 2014 The news of Robin Williams passing was a shock to me, as it was to everyone else. I immediately went online and scoured and read every single thing I could about his death. When I found out it was suicide then shock turned to absolute heartbreak. Someone that brought so much happiness and laughter to so many … Continue reading RIP Robin Williams