About Me

Welcome to my little slice of blogging heaven and my pride and joy, Maddly In Love! 
About me

Born and raised in sunny Southern California. Growing up consisted of volleyball, incredible beaches, innocent fun, and being absolutely boy crazy.

College was spent living the FREAKIN‘ life in Oahu attending the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. There I found life long friends, more incredible beaches, and  incomparable experiences . I also found myself a bronze, beautiful tan.

Post college consisted of working for the Mouse in Orlando, Florida. Boy, was that an adventure. It was culture shock but in the best way possible. I met people from all walks of life and was able to walk away with lasting friendships.

Finally, the impending doom happened. I moved back home. See ya later Fantasy, Adventure, and Tomorrowland… Helllllllllooo being part of the work force.

This season of life I have been able to find the most important thing in my life, myself! ME! Self-Love!

So THANK YOU for stopping by! and KUDOS if you’re still reading… you the real MVP ❤