10 Reasons Why I Love Connor (and why you should too!)

Have you ever gotten giddy at the sight of the same model car that your Significant Other drives? I have.

Have you ever gotten anxiety because there wasn’t enough room on the couch next to you for your Significant Other and your housemates could sense it so they moved without question? I have.

Do you have a list of all your ‘firsts’ with your Significant Other? I  do. (And it’s totally psychopathic)

Thank God for this day. 26 years ago today the man of my dreams was born. I landed myself a 6’5  D R E A M B O A T (Okay, he is 6’3 but we’re going to give it to him cause it’s his birthday). Never in my day have I met someone quite like the Conman himself.

So in true blogging fashion I present you: 10 Reasons Why I Love Connor (…and why you should too!)

Dance moves: Don’t challenge him to a battle

Alright, so he may only have one dance move but boy is it a lady killer. Okay, okay he has three solid moves. Conman is down to get down, will tear up the dance floor, and leave his dance battle challengers left in the dust.

Animal Extraordinaire: Here kitty kitty

You know the dog whisper guy? Okay, that’s Con but with all animals in general. Steve Irwin of sorts. Animals flock to him and love up on him. I mainly love this about Con because then that means animals are in close proximity to me.

Will eat anything I ask him too: No seriously he will

I’ll eat just about anything. Fish eyes, oxtail, chicken feet. You name it, I’ve eaten it. Now this is something he admires me for, but not necessarily wants to partake in. Taking advantage of the buzzed Con, I made him promise me that if I ever asked him to eat something he would. He has stuck to his words Ladies and Gents!

Friends: The BEST of the BEST

He has the BEST FRIENDS EVER. Seriously! They are supportive, loving, and in the end will always have conman’s back. It’s awesome seeing them encourage each other and have those tough conversations together. We have been so lucky to have groups of friends that support us being together and embrace our weirdness (whether they want to or not).

Family: The tightest little tight knit

This is something I love most about Connor. The love for his family and for mine is something I’ve never really experienced. He is a mama’s boy and has the upmost respect for his pops. He admires and constantly is keeping his older sister in mind. Their relationship is not like one I’ve seen in siblings. I could never imagine them ever fighting! And of course just as much as he loves them, they love him in return.

Humor: The guy is freakin’ hilarious

Never have I laughed harder with anyone than Conman. It would be hard to explain in just one paragraph how funny this guy is. But anyone who is friends with him knows this. He is always on the border of crossing the line or crosses the line but always all in good fun. He loves playing mind games with people… or at least tries too. Guarantee when Con’s around you’re laughin!

Positivity Attitude: Mr. Positive Attitude King

He radiates positivity. I dare you to try to be negative around him because he will pick you up and sweep you to Positivity Land where he reigns as king. It is a pretty powerful trait to have. His positive attitude is contagious.

Genuinely Listens: Is this a real thing?

The first three months of us dating we would call each other every day during lunch, right after work, and even sometimes if he was up before work. I know it was obsessive… I mean excessive. Every time he ask me how I was feeling or what I was doing. Then there goes me on my 5 minute long rant about something and the guy actually picks up every single word and engages with me. It was like a whole new world opened up! Since then, the amount of calls has decreased (thankfully) but the listening is the same. Not sure how I haven’t talked his ear off yet.

Communication and Honesty: All you could ever want

I’ll be the first to admit that I am stubborn. The fact that he has somehow been able to crack through my hard head has been a feat all on its own. He has done this through being honest with me. When things don’t feel right or something needs to be said, he says it. He is not afraid to hurt my feelings. He is not afraid of what my reaction may be because in the end we both can trust that whatever is said is done in the best interest of US… (or maybe he is afraid, in that case he’s got a good poker face). He refuses to let us walk away in a fight. He refuses for us to go to sleep mad. In my weakest moments, he brings me up and reassures me that it is ALWAYS about us. That’s something I’ll forever be grateful for.

He Loves Me: Luckiest Girl Alive

This man makes me feel more loved than ever before. He makes me feel confident and reassured. I walk with my held a little higher, I get down a little lower on the dance floor, and I have constant belly aches from all the laughter.


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