2018 Will Be My Year

I am grateful, I am reeling. I ended 2017 on the high of highs; in love with a man who loves me most, moved back home and finally saving my money (honey), and motivation eeking out of every pore.

The past years I lost myself through what I like to call my J-Woes; jobs, jerks, and jdrinking (the J is silent). It took an immense amount of self-love, late night breakdowns and bonding, some fall outs, and time. But through it all, here I stand! (or I guess technically sit)

2018 marks the beginning of a new chapter. Time to get back to the basics. Time to get back to what I love MOST.  BLOGGING!!! I am ready to express my creativity, let my emotions and thoughts run wild, and story tell my experiences. I am ready to try new things, be bold, and say YES!

So cheers to 2018 and the adventures to come!


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