Diary #3: The Beautiful Man and The Long Subway Ride Home

January 9,2015

As I was making my way to the nearest subway station I looked down at my phone and realized I had 16% left… SIXTEEN PERCENT! The sudden panic that came over me made me feel disgustingly dependent on this plastic/metal device.giphy (41) I’ve always known that I was but the actual terror I had after I realized that my phone might die before I made it home was all too real.

I texted Emily for the address and entered it into Google Maps. The tricky thing about the Subway is once you go underground you lose all service. Once I got the directions I took a few quick screenshots, turned my phone on airplane mode and headed downstairs. First train was a success…. until I realized that I was going the complete opposite way.

I was so sure that I could do this without any help at all. I had the confidence to make it home. After going back and forth with myself I realized that I had no choice but to go up and ask for help. I walked up the stairs and the sights I saw filled me with excitement. I was stressed and frustrated underground but when I came to the surface I saw the hustle and bustle. The beautiful streets of NYC. I thought to myself, “Get your shit together. You are not helpless.You are not alone in this city. Be a big girl and ask for directions.” I’m not kidding, this was the actual pep talk I had with myself.

The only person in my distance was a middle aged beautiful man. He was mixed; half caucasian, half asian. He had an impeccable smile and happy eyes. I walked up and explained how hopelessly lost I had been. He laughed as if he giphy (42)heard this one too many times and I continued to ramble about how my phone was dying and how frustrated I have been.

He got on his phone, typed in my address and began to explain where I needed to go. I instantly became caught up in the beauty of his folded collar, brown leather dress shoes, and his perfectly combed over hair. I wonder why this man is just standing on the corner and think to myself maybe he is waiting for his wife. Of course he is, my subconscious rolls her eyes at me. I look down at his left hand to look for a ring, nothing. I smirk back at my subconscious. A thought forms in my head. Some distant fantasy of this being a love story where we meet when I’m lost in New York. The romantic in me laughed off the thought and I snapped back into reality.

“I’m sorry, can I see that one more time?” I say asking for his phone. In all honestly I hadn’t heard a word he said. I quickly jotted down the trains and the connecting stations. I thanked him for the directions and began to walk away. I took a few steps and “Hey,” I looked back “Welcome to New York!” I felt like this was a movie moment, like the one where Anne Hathaway startedgiphy (43) dressing better and got her shit together in The Devil Wears Prada. I smiled as sweetest as I could and waved goodbye like I was a beauty queen in a pageant to the lovely man and I was back on my way.

Standing at the top of the entrance, I took a deep breath and a new wave of confidence came over me. From that moment a surreal feeling of joy filled me up. I was ready.

I made my connection and I was finally in the right direction towards Williamsburg. I popped out from the Subway with delight and do a little happy dance. I barge into the apartment with so much pride. It was actually pathetic but absolutely amazing!

I couldn’t help but express how happy I was. I felt like I just conquered a huge feat. Poor hungover Emily had to sit there, pretend to be generally interested and listen to me go on and on about how I thought I could now conquer the world because I made it home in one piece.


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