Easter, Easter! He Is Risen!

We hide eggs, we search for them, crack them open, and count up the money and eat the candy. I race around and kick my little cousins tushies and show them no mercy when it comes to searching for eggs. I am competitive, what can I say? I guess I should show some compassion, they are only 13 and eight. But coming up on 24 years of age, this could possibly be my last Easter egg hunt.

We eat a disgusting amount of food till we are all paralyzed in a food coma. We wake up late on Easter Sunday with a food hangover. But this Easter was different for me, life changing to say the least.

With the push in the right direction, one of my dearest friends has helped me find God. It started with nightly services at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa and becoming comfortable with open prayer. I always felt self conscious and odd about praying out loud. Like who the heck am I talking too? But I realized that having faith and asking boldly of what you need, you will receive.

Before I knew it I was at the Rock Harbor Easter Service standing and crying while I openly professed my belief and accepting God into my heart. It was such an overwhelming feeling. I closed my eyes shut. I was shaking and anxiety filled with eyes on me. There were a few of us standing at this time and it was comforting that I wasn’t the only one.

I know it is crazy to say but I know I have changed, it may be slight or it may be great but I have changed. The past couple weeks have been a struggle for me; random days of crying for unexplainable reasons, sleepless nights, and just being angry. After today I have never felt better. Like some weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was free of all the negative aspects in my life.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


8 thoughts on “Easter, Easter! He Is Risen!

  1. I’m glad your are feeling better Spiritually! Your post really gave me a chuckle, too. Poor little cousins. Well, it’s a tough World. They should learn that at a young age I guess. 😉

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