The Big Farewell To The Disney College Program

It has been approximately 16 days since I booked a ticket to New York on a whim and rushed out of the place I called home for the past five months. This home was the most magical place on earth, WALT DISNEY WORLD.

After I left, I never looked back. Mainly because I didn’t want to face that fact that the dream was over and back to reality. But now I have no choice but to reflect and rejoice over the friends that became family, the crazy adventures that became everyday occurrences, the memories that became engrained in my brain, and the tiring emotionally draining experiences that became lessons learned.

The Disney College Program challenged me emotionally and physically. I say now that the DCP is not for the faint hearted. I lived off caffeine pills, coffee, and counting down the days till my next day off. Even though some would say I hardly worked. On the flip side, the DCP was the most fun I have had in my 23 years.


The Roommates

My roommates were insane. As I write this I’m laughing because of all the crazy antics we went through. We fought A LOT. Tension somehow was always awkwardly there and the standard gossiping. Let’s not tip toe around the fact that a few of us did not get along at times… but at the end of the day I still wouldn’t have traded my roommates for any other. I have the funniest and mind boggling memories of our adventures! I love you all and miss you dearly! I can’t wait till we are all reunited to run around and cause more shenanigans. Thank you for all you did and for teaching me valuable lessons about life and friendship. Patterson 16305 ladies, want to go to HoB this Sunday?

Stands East

A huge shoutout and THANK YOU to Magic Kingdom Stand East for being the absolute best place to work during the DCP. Before entering the college program you read horror stories of part timers and full timers giving hell to new CPs. For me this wasn’t the case… sort of. You will always have a few cuckoo birds here and there.

Stands East is made up of an amazing managing staff that is understanding and helpful. They were fun and approachable and I was lucky enough to hear some of their Disney stories. Next came the coordinators. Oh dear, the group of coordinators us CP’s were blessed to work with were crazy! I have never laughed so hard in my life. Every single one of them were different and made it working in Stands East something you looked forward too! And last but certainly not least, all of my full timers, part timers, and CPs… Because of all of you my program was what it was. From hating our lives in the back of Nook, dancing away in Cool Ship, wanting every machine at Gravities and Treats for one day to actually work, leaving Launching Pad with hot dog roller burns, and (maybe it was just me) gazing outside to stare at Gaston whenever he came around. Those memories plus the infinite amount I can’t write down will forever be locked in the memory bank. oh and ER QUEEN. Thank You Stands Easy.

My Dis(functional)ney Family

You all know who you are. I freaking love you guys. I don’t know how my program would have turned out if I didn’t meet each and everyone of you. You guys were my confidants, my boyfriend (mollie), and my straight up family. The days of doing nothing and days of doing everything were what I looked forward to as long as they were with you guys. There are more than just this individuals, but they deserve a tiny bit of a hoorah.

Mollie Ollie, You’re my interracial best friend. Which is funny cause when I think about it; I don’t have a Filipino best friend so technically everyone would be my interracial best friend. But I think with all we went through together, you deserve the coveted title. The shoulder to cry on and the person to laugh with at snacks in the club and crazies in the program, we killed it together Mollie Ollie and I can’t wait till we are reunited. It will feel soooooo good.

Ian, I love you’re annoying tush more than words can describe. Introducing me to The Gobbler from Wawa’s, that gross phase we went through where we only drank Four Locos, every single Food and Wine adventure we had, and straight jamming out in your car are only a few reasons why I love you. I hated you too, but it was like a loving hate. Sorry for the times you got the tailwind of scary Maddie.

Sam, You’re my favorite Iowan… wait a minute you’re the only Iowan I know… exception of your doting fiancé Andy! Random fact lady! “Play Purple Rain” ahhh okay, I can’t help but smile when I remember your amazing dance moves and how everyone asked where you were from it was like… “oh, Iowa. Nothing is there but corn.” Well my dear Samantha, you are there and that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle!

Dallas! Let’s just start off with; I know how much you love me dad. I’ll miss the disapproving looks when we are at HoB (pretty sure there are some in this video), how you never gave me any sympathy for my problems, and I’ll miss your plaid shirts the most. I died a little when the circus costume blended right into your closet. You were always straight up with me and didn’t put up with my ish, that’s why you’re dad. I love you Dally Bear!

Nick, Since day one of training you’ve always been my favorite! You crack me up with how sweet you are and then followed by a sentence made up completely of profanity. I don’t know how you dealt with and still continue to deal with our group text. I loved the way you’d only chime in every seven weeks, but they were always at appropriate times. I am so proud of you for extending and always working so damn hard. I miss you already!

These are just a few of the many THANK YOUs that will be going around! I love you all!!

And shoutout to the Snacks! Without you the program would have been way less interesting! Snack Attack!



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