If You’re Reading This…

My Parents:

You are everything to me. You have put up with my crazy and spontaneous ideas and dreams. You have supported me and funded me through all of those ideas and dreams of mine. I am sorry for the rolled eyes and the times I snapped at you when you were the last people who deserved it. I am sorry that over time our morning breakfast dates or random dinner runs were taken over by extra hours of sleep to cure a hangover or to spend countless hours with the boyfriend. I am sorry for all the times you gave me money and told me to ‘Conserve’ only for you to get another text message pleading for some financial help. I vow to not only keep every dinner date planned but make every moment I have with you full of smiles and love. Thank you for every lesson learned and for shaping me into the happy, young lady I am today.

My Siblings:

Yes, I borrowed your shirt and yes that stain is from me. Thank you guys for dealing with my needy butt and being the baby of the family. Thank you for your honesty with my outfit and boyfriend choices. Thank you for letting me into the house at 3 am when I forget my key and not telling mom and dad about the first time I drank. You guys have supported my creativity and have always put me on a pedestal when it was the last thing I deserved. I am so proud of the how much work you have put into your crafts. I like to think that I am creative but it doesn’t even come close to the creative juices you guys got flowing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you guys because it is already so bright. I vow to continually support you in any aspect of your lives and to be best the sister, aunt, and best friend you guys have ever had.

My Best Friends:

You all are crazy MFs because there is no way we would be best friends if you weren’t. You are spontaneous and hilarious. I am fortunate to have a group of best friends from every stage of my life. From the playgrounds of Valencia Elementary to the Walt Disney World bubble I have somehow managed to convince you all to be my best friends. I wouldn’t change one thing in my life because if I did then I might have not been able to meet and create the wonderful friendship we have now. Thank you for listening to me vent, allowing me to put you in sometimes-awkward situations just for my own personal laughs and happiness, and for all the memories we only remember because of Snapchat. Thank you for encouraging words and laughing until I can’t breathe . Somehow through my 23 years of life I have managed to collect the most beautiful, affectionate, and understanding friends. I vow to forever be a shoulder to cry on, a phone call away to vent too, and a good time waiting to happen. Cheers to future memories and invites to each other’s weddings.

My Ex:

I really never loved before you and that is something that I am grateful for. For the flowers just because it was Monday and taking me to get seafood even though you hated it. Thank you for your support over my Disney love, not only support but also feeding into the obsession. We both put a valiant effort into our volatile but loving relationship. I like to think that it was passionate more than anything. Timing wasn’t right for us, or maybe it was and we had an expiration date we didn’t see coming. I am truly sorry for how things ended. That is something I will regret for years to come because I know neither of us had experienced such an electrifying connection like we did from day one. I know you regret too but at the end of the day I think it is safe to say it was for the better. I still hate the way you dealt with the end by posting all of it on social media. And I guess this is why I feel it’s alright to finally express how I feel. But it is still something that I find so odd to this day but I guess we all deal with situations differently. I vow that I will never treat another the way I treated you and I hope the same for you. Thank you for your craziness and love. Thank you for helping define who I am today. Thank you for being that person for me for so long and letting me get to know you inside and out. Lastly, thank you for all the memories that I’ll be able to hold on to forever.

My Future Forever:

I’m messy. I have insomnia but on the flip side I’ll sleep all day. I got a thing for board games. I am competitive and will be bitter if you beat me, so let me win sometimes. If we are playing Taboo, I expect you to know what I am talking about in two hints or less. I tend to misplace my phone charger a lot, so I’ll most likely…. No, I will take your charger. As much as I say stop calling me beautiful, don’t. I’ll talk about getting a tattoo and try to convince you that we should get matching ones. Don’t let us. My eyes are bigger than my stomach and I will order half of the restaurant. Stop me. Thank you for loving me through all my wild antics and mood swings. Thank you for supporting my outrageous dreams and doing all you can to help make them reality. Thank you for being patient and playing along with my dad and uncles when they pick on you, it’s the family initiation. I’ll love your family and our wedding is going to be the tits, scratch that… our life together will be the tits. I vow to love you endlessly and never stop pushing you to be the best you can be. First things first, we got to find each other.

and Thank You Sarah Huss for being the inspiration behind this post.


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