DCP: Blizzard Beach

On my days off all I want to do is sleep. But I would be wasting opportunities to go play at the parks. After waking up late and a little groggy my roommate Kelly and I hopped on the K bus and took it all the way to Blizzard Beach! I instantly became nostalgic of Wild Rivers from back home! The smell of sunscreen and little kids running around came to mind.

Right when we got there it down poured on us! We didn’t hear any thunder so we braved the torrential rain to get on some rides, but within minutes we heard the first thunder. We knew that it was code 101. Code 101 for Disney is when there is any thunder or lightening it essentially closes down the rides and stops food runners from delivering food. For their own safety.

We decided to get some lunch to ride out the storm. To our surprise we ran into one of our good friends Patrick! He can be seen in the video serving me my diamond burger and beer! Kel and I walked around looking for a table and a dad waved us down saying we could share a table with him and his family.

The father’s name was Jason and was tatted head to toe. Full sleeves and tattoos on his chest and back. He was so easy going and outgoing which made for entertaining conversation. He had three spunky little kids, two girls and a little boy. Their names were Kelsey, Stacey, and Deegan. They are seen in the video as well. Kelsey was the sassy older sister, constantly rolling her eyes and telling us about her ex boyfriends. Stacey was the standard little sister who ADORED her older sister. They were in matching bikinis that their dad ‘made them wear’ according to Kelsey. Last was Deegan, he was only three years old but the boy was huge! He was really rambunctious and was more mature than a normal three year old.

They told us all about their lives. Jason worked in oil in North Dakota part of the year and made really good money. I never realized how much you can make in that industry, but it makes sense since oil is so essential in everything. The girls told us about their two moms and how one does photography. They even told us about their grandma passing. We ended up sitting with them for almost an hour and a half. For me it was a magical moment having people open their lives to us and tell us intimate details.

On one of the rides we met a guy named Jerry.. or at least his name tag said that. His actual name was Kenny. He studied politics at UCF but not by choice. He was enlisted into the Marines because in his family every man in the family had to enlist. He told us though that he wasn’t going to force his sons into the Marines. He was a sweet guy and you can see him in my video doing the perfect Disney point.

We also ran into some boys from the UK! There were 13 in their group but we only ended up talking to a few of them. We were in line behind them for 20 minutes, it was pretty awkward because it was apparent they wanted to talk. The exchange of awkward glances was on point. We finally talked to them right before they went down the slide. Just an exchange of names and where we were from. We saw them throughout the park and finally sparked conversation. Their accents were so THICK! I couldn’t understand anything they were saying at all. It was pretty hysterical actually now that I think about it. Their names were Jake, Clark, and Jon Jon and they were all on a boxing team together!

The perks of the Disney College Program isn’t the parks.. it’s the PEOPLE! The people that I have the pleasure of interacting with everyday is what makes this experience so unique. 



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