Disney College Program: Check In and Casting

Another successful but long day with the Disney College Program!

We are all officially CAST MEMBERS! It is so exciting but nerve racking at the same time. It was a lengthy process of signing our names and learning more do’s and dont’s of the company!

Megan and I arrived at check in a little later than we intended too but luckily found a short line to jump into. From there we received our name tags and program guides! Next we found out where we were working!! Megan is working full service food and beverage at Ohana at the Polynesian.

I will be working Quick Service Food and Beverage at Magic Kingdom East! That is right lady and gentlemen…I will be working fast food at Disney World. Not my first choice to start my career at Disney, but it will be a good story to eventually tell my children.

Next on to our apartment!! It is BEAUTIFUL compared to the cockroach infested house I lived at in Hawaii! (Although the memories and view are unbeatable..Pussy Palace for life!)

After seeing our brand new home for the next five months it was on to casting! We thought we would be late but we were actually early and beat all the lines! It was a huge maze of hallways filled with Disney princesses and pictures of happy children. Fingerprinting, receiving paper after paper of rules, and signing more papers we were done!!

Again, another unforgettable day at disney!



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