Disney College Program: Florida I’m Comin’ For Ya!


Well the day has come. The day that I get on a flight to Phoenix then patiently wait for 54 minute layover and then on to Florida. In true Maddie fashion I have waited until the very last night to start packing. Again in true Maddie fashion I have managed to fit six months of clothes and essentials in a checked bag weighing 49 lbs, one carry on and my one personal item allowed. And to be completely honest my whole purse contains my laptop and all food from Trader Joes. I need airplane snacks.


I can’t believe how fast summer flew by. This summer has been one emotional roller coaster filled with game nights, bar hopping, beach days, and more. Memories I will never forget. I have come to a point where I don’t want to leave home, it just got comfortable. I get filled with anxiety at the thought of going to a place I have never been. But then I get a wave of excitement at the fact that I am going to a place I have never been… and it happens to be the happiest place of earth.. WALT DISNEY WORLD!


Along with the perks of my internship, I get the pleasure of living with five other beautiful ladies! I already know that my new roommates and I will be one big happy family. They’re all sweethearts and even love disney more than me.. if that is possible.


The wait has seemed to drag on forever especially since I would get daily snaps from my good friend Nick who is already at Disney World.


On this blog I will be posting as much as I can about my experience to share my adventures with everyone that wants to know! I am so excited for the next six months!!


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