Disney College Program: First Day In Florida


After two flights and 12 hours of travel I finally made it to Florida!! Instantly right when I got off the plane I can feel what I have been dreading since I got accepted into the program… THE HUMIDITY! My hair instantly went up in a bun, it was just way too hot.. even inside the airport!

The biggest airport I have been to was LAX but the Orlando International Airport just seemed to go on FOREVER. FOREVERRR ( Sandlot reference, in case you didn’t get that). There was even a monorail type thing to take me to baggage claim.

Once I got my bags I waited for three of my roommates to meet up with me!! Megan, Stephanie, and Sarah!!!!

Below the video shows my flights, meeting the roomies, stuffing the car with luggage, and Downtown Disney!!!

ALSO the song used is by a wonderful Dj named POGO that uses Disney movies to make music! The sounds below are all from the movie SNOW WHITE!






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